Retail & Wholesale Cuts

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Rough & Dressed Lumber

Northwood Lumber offers a large variety of softwood species and cuts to retail and wholesale customers. In an era of low-quality wood, our mill is focused on maintaining high-quality, high-value end products that provide consistency to the end user.

In fact, we still provide our standard cuts in full-size dimensions. In other words, a 2×4 actually measures 2 x 4”. This reduces typical lumber warping.

Much of our lumber is air-dried, which helps to keep your end price affordable and reduces wood stress, cracking and warping. But we also have the option of kiln-drying on site.

We stock a huge range of softwood products and specialize in white pine and white cedar. If we don’t have the specific product you’re looking for in these species, we can most likely custom order to meet your specifications.

Typical products:

  • Standard lumber cuts
  • 4/4 to 8/4 Pine in #4 to clear grades
  • Any cuts in Pine, up to 18 x 18” square and 34’ long (large sizes seasonably available)

Softwood species available at Northwood: Cedar, White Pine, Red Pine, Spruce & Hemlock

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Custom Logs, Timbers & Beams

We love cutting your stacked logs and custom timbers and beams to your specifications. Timbers are available in most species, and can be rough-sawn, planed, or hend-hewn.