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Hardware Products

We stock high-quality hardware — including screws, nails, lag bolts, carriage bolts and staples — at great prices… Just what you need to finish the job! Bulk or contractor discounts are available.

Strong Ties

Simson Strong Ties provide the strength and structure to tie almost any wood configuration together.


U2 fasteners™ is the GAME CHANGER in the fasteners industry. They are code compliant in coating and structure. They have extremely high corrosion resistance. Features tight torx drive, talon grip, burrow pockets, reamer thread, and tapper point. We stock lengths up to 20″.


  • Yellow Zinc Deck Screws – 1” to 6”
  • Ceramic Deck Screws (Green and Brown) – 1¼” to 5”
  • Log Boss Screws


  • Ardox Bright – 2½” to 6”
  • Galvanized – 2½” to 10”
  • Roofing – 1½”
  • Hanger nails – 1½”


Lag Bolts:
Galvanized ¼” x 1½” to ½” x 10”

Carriage Bolts:
Galvanized ¼” x 1½” to ½” x 10”

& Caulking

Northwood Lumber is a Perma-Chink dealer, and carries a wide stock of related caulking and products