a full-service sawmill
Bancroft, Ontario
  • Rough 4x4 Cedar Posts
  • Custom cut pine, up to 18"x18" and 36' long
  • 2x4s cut to full-size 2"x4" dimensions

Rough & Dressed Lumber

Northwood offers a large variety of species and cuts to retail and wholesale customers. Our standard lumber is cut to full-size dimensions, in other words, a 2×4 actually measures 2” by 4”. This ensures high quality lumber, reducing typical lumber warping.

All lumber is air-dried, with kiln-drying available. Natural drying reduces wood stress, cracking and warping.

Typical products:

  • Standard lumber cuts
  • 4/4 to 8/4 Pine in #3 to clear grades
  • Any cuts in Pine, up to 18” x 18” square and 38’ long (large sizes seasonably available)